Verslo Galimybės, UAB, helps establish companies, keeps accounts of small and medium enterprises.

By the client’s request, accounting services may include not only typical statements but also debt statements, revenue and expense analysis, statements of short-term and long-term assets, preliminary calculation of profit tax, statements of taxes payable. According to the financial statements to help understand a customer’s current financial situation.

Accounts are kept using the accounting software “Optimum”. If the client has another accounting software we can keep accounts using the client’s software. The client’s request, it may use this system (both documents keeping in to the sofware and reports for analysis). If a customer has a different accounting software, to manage customer accounts can be used with it.

We prepare a company’s accounting policy; during the validity term of the contract, we give free consultations on the matters of accounting and taxes, prepare and submit the required reports to the Tax Administrator, State Social Insurance Fund Board and other state institutions of the Republic of Lithuania.

We are responsible for our work and guarantee that the services will be rendered high-quality and promptly.